Dysart Brando


A cracking Capitalist son



Dysart Sitz  – Stellar son with great maternal genes




Dysart Shadow S1. A big Lotto son


Q24 Another Beastmode son rising 2 years


Dsyart Beastmode son rising 2 years


Dysart Monumental R 7, a crackerjack EXAR son rising 12 months.




Dysart Kingdom P5

Our list of current sale bulls is available for download from the below link.

2020 Bull Catalog can be found here.

CZV_draft catalogue_1_24072020[30943][32168]


Bulls video

Dysart Beastmode – Q13

Dysart Brando – Q12 

General bull pictures of 2020

Dysart Beastmode Q13 –  11 months old

Dysart Yellowstone CZVP9

Dysart Kingdom CZVP13


Dysart Nick CZVN8

Dysart Nathan

Dysart Marcus M7

Dysart Hercules

Dysart Emperor

Dysart Matt

Dysart Africa

Dysart Upshot

Dysart Witherswood Capitalist – 9 months old

Dysart Maximilian CZV M12

2018 Spring Bull Listing